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"Open" still too closed :)

Published onNov 05, 2018
"Open" still too closed :)

Trying to browse ;OPEN; runs across a few obstacles ^^

  • No context or content on the main page, even though there are submissions somewhere in the pipeline, by some people, over some time. Showing people/titles/metadata/calendars? would help.

Is there other activity in this pub/ elsewhere on the site? even activity somewhat hidden from me? Are there other pieces I could view/comment on/edit? Something like {Recent Changes} makes a big difference in the spiritual feel of a place.

  • First experience is mainly negative contextual-error messages. (“no FOO has been published yet”, “has no pubs”): perhaps each of these could include a positive link to how to change that.

  • Lots of options default to closed (not even admins can edit; noone can see or read). Maybe when generating a new pub-space, there could be large OPEN and PRIVATE options, with the former setting all defaults to open.

  • No option to ‘publish now’ : submit for publication leaves ambiguity (submit to whom? following what timeline? where can the result be viewed? will I be updated? can I ‘re-ping’ anyone for review?)

  • Make explicit the admins, so they can become a community who can be pinged; community adminship should involve engaging new authors or seeing when they post. Related to review workflow: what’s the default community-review for an open community? Cf “new pages patrol”

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